Purpose: We devote ourselves to helping entrepreneurs who want to make a difference in the world, not just make money. That difference can be in social, environmental or ethical performance, or it can be business practices (such as radical transparency or crowdsourcing) that have the potential to remake industries in socially redeeming ways.

Industry Focus
: We invest in branded product or service businesses that have the potential to transform their categories.

Stage: We focus on profitable, high-growth businesses with $5-$25 million or more in revenue. We also consider early-stage opportunities that have extraordinary leadership and a proven, market-tested concept. We prefer to lead deals and to have control, but also consider minority interests.

Management & Culture: We prefer deals in which management retains a meaningful stake and active role in the business. We balance risk-taking with discipline and accountability. We build partnerships based on integrity, mutual respect, candor, aligned objectives, and commitment to excellence.

Financial Factors:
  • Greater than 20% historic and projected annual revenue growth
  • Profitable and capital efficient, with positive annual free cash flow
  • High gross margins
  • Diversified customer base, with high retention and recurring revenue
Geographic Focus: North America