If we have responded to your Executive Summary with interest, you should send us your business plan by email. You can expect a reply within two weeks.

Your Business Plan should address the following and be fewer than 50 pages, including any appendices. 

  • Executive Summary (2 pages)
  • Company Overview - History, Purpose, Organization, Size, Location
  • Description of Products and/or Services including sustainable competitive advantage(s)
  • Market Analysis including size, trends, and reasons for selection of target segment(s)
  • Competitive Analysis including strengths & weaknesses of key direct and indirect competitors
  • Customer Analysis including needs definition, value drivers, segmentation, pricing
  • Marketing & Sales Strategy - strategic positioning, image and branding, products/services, pricing, promotion, partnerships & alliances
  • Operating Strategy - resources (internal/external), planning, execution, key milestones
  • Management Team - key management personnel (with detailed resumes) and board members, and key gaps to be filled
  • Financial Plan, including:
    • Historical results
    • 1-year by quarter and 5-year annual projections of balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement
    • Key assumptions
    • Sensitivity analyses on key revenue and cost variables
  • Financing requirements and use of funds
  • Capitalization table showing current owners and ownership percentages