Our Purpose is to help great entrepreneurs build profitable and enduring businesses that benefit the world. We focus on private companies that are leaders in their field, and for which social responsibility is an important element of their mission and brand.

We carefully select management, and back them. We partner with and invest in gifted people who have integrity, passion, and inspired ideas with the potential to create profit, build communities, transform industries, and change the world.

We bring key insights into the boardroom.
We help to clarify purpose, distill strategy, enable execution and maximize value. More.

We align incentives.  We make certain that management and investors are, and remain, closely aligned on performance and value creation objectives.

We take a long-term view.  We recognize that creating an enterprise of enduring value and beauty, and achieving a noble Purpose, takes years.  We remain focused on execution and long-term performance, not quarter-to-quarter volatility.

We are committed to a better world.  We have pledged to invest 10% of our net profit as general partner into not-for-profit social enterprises, or in profit-making enterprises for which social impact is the primary measure of success.  Our philanthropy seeks to generate profound and lasting benefits to society through the education of women and girls in the developing world.