Our values guide our actions as individuals, as a firm, and as partners with entrepreneurs and investors.    
  • Excellence - achieving high standards and creating beauty
  • Passion - pursuing big dreams, with energy and enthusiasm
  • Integrity - being authentic and doing what's right, every time
  • Community - helping others and making the world a better place
  • Learning - always growing and improving

    Certain beliefs are fundamental
    to our outlook on the world and our choices about where to invest our time, talent and money.

    • Socially responsible business can generate superior financial returns and change the world. 
    • Inspired ideas attract the most passionate people.   
    • The many are smarter than the few.    
    • It's wise to dream big, start small and act fast.   
    • Virtuous circles are the most powerful and sustaining.

    Our name reflects our Purpose and potential. Diatoms are tiny creatures that have huge impacts. Diatoms are microscopic plankton that harness sunlight to fuel all of the Earth's living systems. Through photosynthesis, diatoms provide an estimated 45% of the oceans' primary production of organic compounds, and by their sheer number may cycle as much carbon on Earth as do all rainforests combined.

    At Diatom Ventures, our Purpose is to help build profitable and enduring businesses that benefit the world. We seek to do so in balance with nature and all company stakeholders.  That sense of responsibility, plus our focus on small but emerging, high-growth businesses, led us to the name Diatom. We think it fits our Purpose well.

    Selections from Ernst Haeckel's 1904 Kunstformen der Natur
    (Artforms of Nature).